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Permanent Residence


There are various programs (Federal and Provincial Programs) through which anyone can become a permanent resident. We will assist you with an assessment to learn which of the program is suitable for you.

As a multicultural immigration friendly country, Canada has great pathways for becoming a permanent resident.

Some of the ways include but not limited to the following

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program through Express Entry

  • Provincial Nomination Programs

  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot

  • Caregiver Program

  • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

  • Family Sponsorship/Reunification through Spousal Sponsorship, dependent children or sponsorship of parents and grandparents.

Benefits Of Being A Permanent Residence Of Canada

  • Ability to live and work full time anywhere in Canada ( With the exception of PNPs)

  • Great access to Canada’s health care system

  • Good social benefits

  • Eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship after meeting certain required conditions

  • Free education for kids

  • Ability to renew residency after 5 years


Canada is an excellent place for vacations and studies. We will assist you all the way with respect to exploring Canada, visiting families and friends or if you wish to study at a Canadian university just as we have assisted others. SkyMax will assist you to determine your best options.  

  • Visit Visa – We help you experience the safe natural beauty of Canada. We also offer itineraries and vacation packages

  • Admission and Study Permit - Study and work part time at 20hrs or 40hrs during breaks and holidays. Post graduate work permits are also possible. After completion, you could upgrade your status by applying for Permanent Residency through the Canadian Experience Class.

  • Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) - Citizens of certain countries who do not require a visa to visit Canada may need to get an authorization to enter Canada.

  • Global Case Management System (GCMS) Notes – This note contains accurate detailed information and processes an applicant’s file had undergone before approval or denial by a visa officer. We assist our clients to apply and interpret these notes.


You have become a permanent resident and on your way to becoming Canadian citizen. We will hold your hands through the processes with full representation.